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About us and our history in the breed

Silogram Weimaraner makes their home in Southern California, in the suburbs of Los Angeles.  We have been active in Weimaraners since 1980, and have competed in conformation (show), field, retrieving, and obedience.  Bob is an AKC judge licensed to judge all obedience, along with conformation for both Weimaraners and Golden Retrievers.  We have both served on the board of the local Weimaraner club, Southland Weimaraner Club, Inc.  Bob has served on the board of the Weimaraner Club of America and Vickie is serving on the board of the WCA.  We share our home with 3 Weimaraners (full time).  
As breeders, we strive to breed well adjusted dogs with sound bodies and temperament that meet the standard as set forth by the Weimaraner Club of America.


A Passion for the breed

Years of learning, studying and loving the breed

While Silogram Weimaraners has only been producing well bred, healthy, and intelligent Weimaraners with sound temperament since 2012, we have been actively involved in and supporting Weimaraners much, much longer than that.

 In 1980 we acquired our first Weimaraner.  We didn't know much about the breed but fellow club members were getting ready to breed their Futurity winning bitch, we were preparing to get married, and it was good timing.  Moon was born a week after our wedding, and we brought him home 8 weeks later.  We did everything with this dog.  We trained and showed him to his Utility Dog title in obedience, we hired a handler to put his Championship on him, we both worked and ran him in Field Trials, Ratings, and Retrieving events put on by the local Weim Club.  Through this dog we learned so much, met so many wonderful and knowledgeable Weimaraner people and we were hooked.

For 15 years we took the time to learn, know and understand the breed.  We talked to and became friends with some of the country's top breeders, trainers, and Weimaraner enthusiasts. From Joan Valdez (Valmar Weimaraners), Ginny Alexander (Reiteralm Weimaraners), Tom Wilson (Smokeycity Weimaraners), Barbara Wise (Wismar Weimaraners) and many others we learned about structure, what a pedigree can tell you, the Weimaraner Standard, and what to consider when breeding dogs.  From Tom & Dessie Hansen, and Gordon & Shirley Hansen, Roy Pelton,  "Big Al" Forsythe and many others we learned what it takes to be Field Trial Dog, how to run a Field Trial, and having a good time!  From Mr & Mrs Pat Bruno we learned what it takes to walk into a conformation ring and present your dog to its best advantage.  From all these people we learned that you never know it all, and you need to keep learning.

In 1991 we got our next Weim from Valmar Weimaraners.  Joan became a great friend, and mentor to us, later she offered to let us co-breed a litter and whelp and raise them.  We did several litters this way, learning all we could.  We continued on this way for 15 years, co-breeding, learning, showing, learning some more, and understanding more and more about the breed.  In 2008 we co-bred and whelped a litter with Joan Valdez and Alice Morgan to a bitch that we loved.  She was bred to our dog Shaq (Ch Valmar's Hot Streak, UD, OM7, NSD, NRD).  One puppy captured my eye, and heart.  She became the foundation bitch of Silogram Weimaraners, GCH Valmar's Look Who's Talking (Gabby).  Gabby had her first litter in 2012 and Silogram Weimaraners was born.

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