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A Responsible, Reputable breeder will have a passion for the Weimaraner, will have been involved in the breed for many years, will have a commitment to be there for the puppy they are placing.  They will be nosy, ask many questions of a prospective buyer, some may find this off-putting. 
A Responsible, Reputable breeder will have done things with the dogs they are breeding.  Whether it be conformation, obedience, agility, personal hunting dog or field events, tracking, dock diving, barn hunting, therapy dog work, something to show they know and understand what their dogs are capable of.
A Responsible, Reputable breeder will ask many questions of prospective buyers, they will expect the puppy buyer to ask them many questions, they will happily answer those questions.
Responsible, Reputable breeders understand the breed, they understand their pedigree, they know the standard, they know each and every puppy's personality and are trying to match the best puppy to the best home.  In the end they want everyone to be happy and ready to make a commitment for the life of this puppy, and should anything ever change, be willing to take that puppy back even 10+ years later if need be. 
A Responsible, Reputable breeder will have had the parent's hips cleared through either OFA, or PENN-HIP, will have done genetic testing for specific issues that pertain to the Weimaraner, and only breed healthy, happy dogs with stable temperaments, and are of sound mind AND body. 
A Responsible, Reputable breeder will belong to the Weimaraner Club of America, will adhere to WCA's Code of Ethics.  They will have their dogs registered with the American Kennel Club.  A Responsible, Reputable breeder is doing more than just breeding dogs, they are producing healthy, happy well adjusted puppies.  They are doing their part to move the breed forward.
A Responsible, Reputable Breeder, will not guarantee that each and every puppy is the next great “show dog”, “field dog”, “agility dog”, or whatever the buyer is looking for.  They will have the background and experience to evaluate each puppy, and make their best EDUCATED GUESS as to what this puppy has the potential to grow up to be.  They can do this because they know their pedigree, they know their lines, they have watched many in those lines grow and mature into adults.  They will also understand and explain that so much also depends on what happens with the puppy after it goes to it’s new home. 
A Responsible, Reputable breeder will be willing to tell any prospective puppy buyer that they are sorry, but they don’t have a puppy that will fit with the buyer’s needs or family and be willing to refer them to another breeder that may have what they are looking for.  Not because they don’t like the buyer, but because they want their puppies in the best home for that puppy, and they want the buyer to be happy with their new puppy for the life of that dog.

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